Rest assured that our colours are the brightest on the market.

The Pink ,Lime Green ,Yellow, Purple and Orange are very bright but can be desaturated either in post production or at capture by mixing our powder with common cornstarch flour (cornflour) available at supermarkets.

For studio shoots we recommend using disposable clear plastic sheets (hardware or paint stores) to confine extraneous powder on the ground.

'Clouds' of colour require more powder than when it is applied direct to a subjects skin, but with the use of plastic sheeting, a colour cloud will fall and the powder can be re used several times. 

Have at least one crew member committed to the task of handling the powder and leave the handling to them, avoid trying to work both camera/lights and powder or you'll end up with rainbow coloured cameras.

A single 100 gram packet is enough to comfortably coat a face in colour.

The brighter colours are always the most popular BUT the colours will look best when bounced off the less bright colours like Magenta and Teal green. 

Note: The colours are as vivid as displayed on our website and may be beyond the colour gamut of some paper print stock.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee you won't be disappointed.