20 x 100 gram holi powder packets


Image of 20 x 100 gram holi powder packets


100 GRAM PACKETS of pure coloured fun,totally safe,but do wear goggles/glasses.

Yes it washes out, but whites may look a bit grey after,we suggest wearing old light coloured clothes which will allow the powder to be more visible. Chances are you'll want to keep your clothes in that state to keep the memory!

100 gram easy rip open packets available in 10 different colours,Holi Gulal powder is traditionally used in the Holi Gulal Hindu festival, this is a genuine Indian product.

Note: the word 'COLOR' on the packet is transparent,the colour you see is the powder colour, Yes its that bright.

Can be used for birthday parties,Bucks nights,hens nights,Photo shoots and TV commercials, Beach parties etc,etc,etc...

Can be mixed with water to form a paste to apply directly on skin for more 'Tribal' Markings.

Please note, we accommodate individual colour requests subject to availability, but encourage you to embrace the spirit of Holi Gulal with serendipity!

INSTRUCTIONS: For colour parties we recommend 3-5 packets per person.

packet size 190x125x10mm.
weight 100 grams